A 100% Worker-Owned Women's Weaving Cooperative

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Trama Textiles is a Guatemalan women’s weaving cooperative that produces apparel, accessories, and textiles using the ancient craft of backstrap loom weaving.

TRAMA Textiles represents over 400 women, organized into 17 weaving groups, from five regions in Guatemala’s western highlands. The co-op was formed in 1988 as a direct result of the devastating Guatemalan Civil War after many members’ husbands, fathers, and brothers were killed or “disappeared.”

Trama’s mission is to create sustainable fair wage employment for the women of Guatemala, to enable them to honorably support their families and communities, and to preserve and develop the cultural traditions of the Maya people through the continued practice of traditional weaving arts.

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At Trama we use traditional techniques to produce surerior quality fabrics.

Trama Textiles uses the ancient Mayan craft of backstrap loom weaving to produce beautiful, high-quality, and sustainable textile goods, apparel, and accessories. All proceeds are re-invested in the weavers' communities and provide fair-wage employment to co-op members.